Nerf Wars – Active Shooter for Kids


July 28


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Kids selfdefense

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Tina J Richard


Dragon Family Martial Arts Center

13665 East 42nd Terrace South Suite H, Independence, MO 64055

Independence, MO, US, 64055

Nerf Wars – Active Shooter Training for Kids, Ages 5-13

A mix of fun games and introduction to Active Shooter Response Plan™

An active shooter is someone who opens fire on a group of unarmed, innocent people. You cannot stop them. You cannot create laws to successfully keep them suppressed. They will find a gun, they will find soft targets, and they will do everything in their power to kill a large number of people.

Kids are the ultimate soft target.  Let us get them prepared when you may not be around to save them.  The Active Shooter Response Plan™ is designed to address this reality, and minimize damage.

Like a fire alarm drill, we introduce the unpreventable active shooter situation and give them a plan to follow in school, at the mall, or at home.

Kids will learn:
• Difference between cover and concealment
• Stay low, move fast
• Create improvise weapons & barricades
• Stacking & Distracting
• Be a moving target and MORE…

Don’t take us too seriously.  Kids will also have fun with nerf games.  The night will be a balance of knowledge and fun.

Participants are welcomed to bring their own nerf guns to spice up the game.