Holiday Safety – Basic Parking Lot Safety

With holidays coming around petty crime goes up.  We have to be more vigilant and expect more trouble during the holidays.  Here are C.O.B.R.A.’s basic parking lot safety rules.

  • Park close to destination, well lit if possible
  • Avoid parking around blind corner on the sides of businesses.
  • Lock car immediately when entering or exiting
  • Watch big vehicles blocking yours, this will hide an attack.
  • Move fast, keep your head up and carry yourself with confidence.

You’re most vulnerable going in/out of the car.  You may think it’s safe but it is easier and faster to car jack you for the keys than to break into your vehicle.


  • Cell phone use – calls & texts
  • Adjusting mirrors
  • Applying make up
  • Fiddling around

Be extra aware if loading a child or groceries – you’re stopped for a good length of time.

  • Realize what you look like – are you a soft target?
  • Avoid pulling notes off windshields; move car to a new location first.
  • If you’re summoned by a stranger, do not get out or roll down the window – drive off.
  • Know and understand the anti-abduction techniques taught in the COBRA Self-Defense System.
  • Use vehicles and shopping carts as obstacles in the event you are approached.
  • When in doubt, walk out with someone.
  • Vehicles with occupants that have not moved that are sitting close to you should be avoided.
  • Use any and all objects as weapons.
  • Watch out for two man teams, even mixed genders, where one distracts while the other lifts your wallet or purse.  I’ve seen this one first hand in Kansas City.