Should We Be Arming Teachers?

That question makes me ask more questions.

Will the teachers be required to seek out the shooter if they can hear them, but can’t see them yet?

Teachers are responsible for the care, custody and control of their students.  If they seek out the shooter, they will, in effect, be abandoning them.

Many teachers are parents themselves.  When that split-second moment rises, you may have the following on your hands:

An already overworked, under paid educator with children and a family of their own must slam into “Law Enforcement” mode in a fraction of a second, ready to take out possibly, one of his/her students.

Will they have what it takes to follow through and not shoot any innocent people in the mean time?

Law Enforcement is constantly reminded that their uniform is a bullseye.  Cops are generally shot first due to their high visibility and the need to eliminate the criminal’s opposition.

The classroom teacher and school officials may draw first fire if the shooter is aware that teachers are armed – and they will know.

They don’t allow guns inside of a jail or prison.  They don’t allow Law Enforcement to carry firearms inside because at any time the inmates could overpower us and take our weapon due to prisoner to guard ration.

If 2 or 3 kids wanted to become the next shooter, they could organize and overpower an armed teacher.  No need to buy a gun when you can take it from someone.  Most cops die in this manner.

It is more efficient and a better plan to train people on how to swim, or leave them untrained and just assign them a lifeguard?  The same question needs to be asked about leaving students untrained and assigning them an armed teacher.


If you want to add training, why are teachers not trained in preventative measures?

We should consider addressing bullying in schools; and providing mental health support to give children the tools to deal with conflict and depression.

Arming a person is not a preventative measure.  The solution for school shootings, like most real-life problems, is a multifaceted solution and asking a teacher to take risks as security or police is absurd.

Should teachers be given active shooter training?

Yes, everyone should take take C.O.B.R.A.™ Active Shooter Response Plan.  It gives every person vital knowledge and preparation to face such an unpredictable and horrible act of violence whether at school, church, any public area or even the workplace.  C.O.B.R.A.™  Active Shooter Response Plan is the most complete action plan you will come across.  Try it yourself, and you decide.

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Leave a comment, what do you think the schools should implement to deal with active shooters?